Advancement Via Individual Determination

    To close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

    Coordinator: Molly Baca


    AVID Elective Teachers:
    Molly Baca (Coordinator, 10th - 12th grade)
    Hannah Mincey (9th - 10th grade)  
    2015-2016 Site Team Members:  
    Kermit Ward, Principal
    Sheila Reed, Assistant Principal 
    Scott Ford, Assistant Principal 
    Katie Howerton Landry, SPED Coordinator
    Keyla Ruiz, 10th-12th grade
    Vi Quach Vu, College and Career
    Cynthia Ruiz, English II
    Lauren Williams, English II
    Alexis Frueh, English II
    Holly Castille, English III 
    Lauren Hohlt, Math Algebra I
    Frank Kelland, LOTE Latin 
    Cecilia Lopez Gandarilla, LOTE Spanish 
    Alan Cardon, H/SS Geography
    Kristi Kennedy, H/SS Geography
    Mia Clark, H/SS World History 
    Joanna Lucero, Science Physics 
    William Dopson, ESL
    Connally High School AVID currently serves 170 students across 9th-12th grade in 9 elective classes.
    The PfISD AVID Application is available on the district webpage or by contacting Ms. Harrelson. 
    More information about AVID: