• Advanced Academic Services

    The mission of Pflugerville ISD Advanced Academics is to identify and passionately serve potentially high academic students. 

    All students are provided:

    • Equitable access to advanced academic coursework
    • High quality, challenging instruction
    • Acceleration opportunities when needed
    • College and Career Preparation
    • Social and emotional learning
    • Supports to ensure academic success:
      • Highly trained teachers
      • AP Prep Sessions - District and Campus 
      • AVID program
      • Tutorials 

    Advanced academic services are offered to all learners who desire to participate in advanced coursework and activities.  Students identified as Gifted and Talented  receive services through advanced academics. These services are designed to meet the general intellectual and specific academic needs of students in grades K-12.  Instruction is differentiated based on individual student needs.  

    Advanced Academics Service Design:

    Elementary: In elementary all teachers are required to provide curriculum and instruction at high levels of difficulty and at high levels of complexity. Teachers use different instructional techniques to meet the instructional needs of students.  

    Secondary: In middle and high schools, Pre-Advanced Placement, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and OnRamps classes are available to any student willing to engage in the challenges of difficult coursework.

    A diverse array of services are available to Advanced Academic and Gifted students:

    • The AP Capstone Diploma Program
    • Fine arts – music, drama, and art
    • Participation in national and international competitions
    • Career & Technology Education Pathways leading to Endorsements
    • Advanced Placement classes
    • Dual Credit with ACC partnership
    • OnRamps