• Subcontractor Information


    Sub-Contractors: Individuals paid with District Funds

    It is the practice of the District that persons or companies not employed by the district, but who provide contracted services through an agreement go through the Human Resources approval process. Individuals who have direct contact with students on a one-one basis are required to undergo a background check and fingerprinting.


    1.     Complete the PISD Tutor/Subcontractor Application.

    2.     Notify the department seeking services you have submitted your application.  The department seeking services will contact HR.

    3.     HR will contact the individual with fingerprinting instructions if required. 

    4.     Once background and fingerprinting are reviewed by HR, the individual will receive an email approval/rejection.

    5.     You will be able to provide services as a subcontractor for PISD upon full HR approval. 

    Thank you for your cooperation. This process has been implemented for the protection and safety of our students.