Connally High School


Connally HS 1

: Daniel Garcia

Assistant Principals:
Daryl Cardosa
John Mark Edwards
Scott Ford

Sheila Reed

Debora Scott

Nancy Young

Maggie Araujo - AP for Testing and Intervention

13212 North Lamar map
Austin, TX 78753

Phone: 512-594-0800
Fax: 512-594-0805
Campus rating: Met Standard
Grades: 9-12
School Hours:  9 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Office Hours:
Enrollment:  2031


Connally High Performance Indicators


Campus Performance IndicatorSummary of Report
Campus Improvement Plan
A one year plan that identifies the goals, activities, resources, and timeline for campus improvement efforts.
2014 State Accountability SummaryThis is a one-page overview of the Campus Accountability Rating, Performance Indexes, Distinction Designations, Campus Demographics and System Safeguards.
2014 Data & Calculation Table
Details of how each index is calculated. 
2014 State Accountability Distinction Designation Summary
Overview of each distinction.
2014 State Accountability Safeguard Report
Provide details on performance results to ensure that each student group is performing at a minimum level.
2012-2013 Texas Academic Performance ReportThis annual report pulls together a wide range of information on the performance of students in the school. The report also provides extensive information on staff, finances, programs, and demographics for the school and district.
2010-2011 School Report CardThe School Report Card provides a small subset of the information available in the AEIS report.
Adequate Yearly Progress
Measures yearly progress of campus and District as required by Federal Accountability -“No Child Left Behind”.
Reports required by Federal Accountability.
Spring 2014 STAAR results
Spring 2014 TAKS results

State Accountability
Federal Accountability