Counseling Services

    The guidance & counseling program serves students in the following ways:
    Conferences are held with parents, teachers, and administrators to facilitate development of appropriate services for students.
    Classroom Guidance
    Lessons are presented in the classroom to promote:  responsible, respectful, & safe behavior, self-confidence; motivation to achieve; stress management; study, social, & decision-making skills; and goal setting.  Guidance lessons support the PISD College & Career Readiness plan. 
    Individual Counseling
    Referrals are made by staff, parents, or students themselves. The counselor meets with children to understand their needs, give support and constructive suggestions to address immediate concerns. Individual school counseling is a short term intervention.
    Group Counseling
    Upon request of teachers or parents, some children meet in S.O.S. (Strengthening Sense Of Self) groups with the counselor and use role-play, art, games, and discussion to achieve individual goals through group support and positive reinforcement. Group sessions are structured to help students learn and practice important skills from the following topics.
    >Self-Care and Acceptance
    >Friendship Skills
    >Communication Skills
    >Responsible Behavior
    >Conflict Resolution
    >Decision Making
    Peer Mediation
    Trained 5th grade student mediators help resolve disputes between their peers under direct supervision of the school counselor.  Mediation enables students to:  

    ·        talk out a problem confidentially and safely without getting in trouble

    ·        tell their side and be listened to with respect

    ·        brainstorm fight-free solutions and make a plan.

    Any student can get help with requesting a mediation meeting from their teacher or a lunch room monitor. Tickets to mediation are available in the school cafeteria. 
    Leading Educators Assisting Pupils serve as mentors to students by spending a minimum of 30 minutes a week with them. Mentors help set and reinforce goals to increase self-esteem and academic success.  In addition, the school counselor leads group activities after school twice a month for mentors and mentees to strengthen their relationship. 
    Best Effort Leopards
    Students in grades 1st through 5th showing consistent effort to do their best work and learn as much as they can, are recognized each grading period by the school counselor as Best Effort Leopards. Their names are posted on a bulletin board by the main office, announced on morning announcements, and given an award at semester award ceremonies.

    School Supplies
    School supplies from the community "For The Children" school supply donation drive are distributed to families of students that are on the Free or Reduced School Lunch Program during the Meet The Teacher event at the beginning of each school year.
    Holiday Support
    The school counselor and school nurse connect families with financial need to community programs that provide support for Thanksgiving and Christmas family celebrations.