• Student Council has 7 committees:
    Community Service chaired by Yanelle Licona
       Assisted by StuCo officers Eliana Galan and Jazmine Fosdick
    Dance chaired by Lili Binetti and Nneoma Udoji; Assisted by StuCo officer Jazmine Fosdick
        The Student Council dance committee is a group of students who pull together to make dances enjoyable for everyone.  Our next dance will be the winter dance with the theme "Candy land", open to all grades.  If you are looking for more information on joining student council, contact either Mrs. Spataro (front office) or Mr. Arnold (room 113).
    Hospitality chaired by Autumn Anderson, Faith Lundin, and Konner Faust
       Assisted by StuCo officer Claire Martinez
    Alex's Lemonade Stand chaired by Reina Haslam
       Assisted by StuCo officer Eliana Galan
    Pride and Patriotism chaired by Faith Cummings and Micayla Ramon
       Assisted by StuCo officer Claire Martinez
    Publicity chaired by Meghan Weber
       Assisted by StuCo officer Andrew Tidwell
    Spirit chaired by Audrey Harris and Mackinley Coe
       Assisted by StuCo officer Jazmine Fosdick