• Reasons for Denying an Intra-District or Out-of-District Transfer Request

    1. The information provided on the Application form is erroneous.
    2. The requested campus is closed. 
    3. The student has a history of documented Student Code of Conduct infractions and/or commits a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, which results in an assignment to the District or Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program. 
    4. Transfers may be revoked if there are documented patterns of truancy, late arrivals, and/or late pick-ups requiring the supervision of the child by school staff. 
    5. The principal has revoked the previous year’s transfer.
    6. The educational needs of the student can be met at the zoned campus.
    7. In cases where a campus exceeds its projected enrollment, it is possible some transfers will need to be revoked. In these cases the last students approved will be the first students to be moved or returned to their home campus.