• Course Grade Level Weekday
    Club Code-A-Bot K/1st Monday
    Reading Tutoring 1st Monday
    Art Club 4th/5th Monday
     GeoBee Club 4th/5th  Monday 
    Letter/Sounds Technology  K  Monday 
    Student Council  4th/5th  1st Monday of each month 
    Reading Tutoring 1st Monday
    Reading Tutoring 3rd  Monday 
    Revising and Editing Workshop 4th  Monday 
    UIL (Dual Language) Creative Writing 2nd  Monday
    Destination Imagination 3rd Tuesday
    Leter and Sound Bootcamp K Tuesday 
    Reading Tutoring 4th Tuesday 
    Beginning Guitar 3rd/4th/5th Tuesday 
    UIL (Dual Language) Story Telling 1st/2nd/3rd Tuesday
    Soccer 5th Grade Girls Tuesday 
    Volleyball 4th/5th Grade Girls Tuesday 
    Reading Tutoring 1st Tuesday
    Choir Pre-K Tuesday (starts 10/24)
    UIL (Mono) Number Sense  4th/5th  Tuesday 
    Destination Imagination K-5th Tuesday 
    Read Theory (www.readtheory.org) 3rd/4th/5th Thursday
    Choir/Drama Club 4th/5th Thursday
    Math Tutoring  4th Thursday
    Math Tutoring 3rd Thursday 
    UIL (Mono) Chess Puzzle 2nd/3rd/4th/5th Thursday 
    Basketball 4th/5th Thursday
    Tutoring 2nd Thursday
    Science Club 5th Thursday