• Destination Imagination
    Destination Imagination is a program which seeks to build students' problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, innovation, and creative skills. DI is open to students starting in kindergarten, and extends through students at the university level around the world. Students form teams of four to seven members who meet on a regular basis to prepare a Central Challenge. On competition day, the team will present their challenge solution to a panel of appraisers. Kindergarten through second grade teams prepare a Central Challenge designed for their age group. In third grade and up, teams select from one of six challenges (technical, scientific, structural, fine arts, improvisational, or service). They will also participate in an Instant Challenge, where they will have a limited amount of time to prepare a solution. Teams of third grade and up will be eligible to continue on to higher levels of competition, all the way to Global Finals.
    Teams need parent support through providing challenge supplies, managing teams, and providing appraisers for competition day. Training is provided for managers and appraisers. Our regional competition will take place on March 3, 2018.
    If your child is interested in participating, please download a form or contact Mrs. McCoy if you need a paper copy. DI interest forms must be returned to no later than October 6th.
    For more information:

    Rising Stars Interest Form  (Kinder - 2nd grade)

    DI Interest Form (3rd-5th)

    Staff Contact: Elisabeth McCoy
    Science Fair
    Students will begin working on science fair in December. Classes in kindergarten through second grade may create a class science fair project to display. Third grade students will work on a class project and may choose to create an individual project. Projects are required for fourth and fifth grade students, and they may choose to have their projects judged for a chance to go on to the Austin Regional Science Fair. Projects for judging must be on a trifold board with a signed permission form. Please watch for a science fair letter to come home from your child’s teacher.
    Here are some online resources to help students come up with ideas for their science fair projects. If a student finds an idea in one of these or another resource, they must find a way to modify the experiment to be their own idea. Always remember to cite where you get your ideas in your project!
    Science Fair should be fun! Please remember, the project is to be the student’s work, not the parents’.

    Not Allowed:
    Biological hazards, including mold of any kind, even if accidental.
    Experiments that could harm living creatures.
    Any type of explosives or projectile.
    Organic matter (soil, plants, etc.). If your child uses these in the experiment, your child may take pictures, but please do
    not bring any of these items to school.
    Students must cite the source for all the information they use and any help they receive (including photographic help). 
    Projects due dates will be announced. We will have a science fair viewing night to see all students' projects.
    For more information, please visit PfISD's Science Fair page 

    Staff Contact: Angela Schreiber
    Timmerman students can participate in a variety of events based on their strengths and interests:

    Creative Writing (2nd), Coach: Ms. Smith
    Ready Writing (3rd-5th), Coach: Ms. Bonnickson
    Story Telling (2nd-3rd), Coaches: Ms. Mendoza and Ms. Aegerter
    Oral Reading (4th-5th), Coach: Ms. Kosted
    Number Sense (4th-5th), Coach: Ms. Perez
    Social Studies (5th), Coach: open
    Chess Puzzle (2nd-5th), Coach: Mr. Catuogno (2nd and 3rd) and Mr. Hufford (4th and 5th)
    Spelling (3rd-5th), Coach: Ms. Tobias (3rd and 4th) and Ms. Beard (5th)

    Students may sign up to try up to three events by Friday, October 13. Tryouts to select participants will be held in October. Participants will practice during or after school with coaches starting in November to prepare for competition on January 27, 2018.

    Information and interest form
    For more information:

    Geography Bee
    Geo Bee is an annual event sponsored by National Geographic. 4th and 5th grade classes will have the opportunity to learn more about our world through daily trivia questions and participation in class geography bees during the month of November and December. Ten students will compete in our school bee, and the school winner will get to participate in a PfISD showcase at Pflugerville High School on UIL day in January 2018. The top 100 scores in the state will advance to the state bee.
    Want to practice? Check out the PfISD Geo Bee resources.

    Staff Contact: Elisabeth McCoy
    Math Pentathalon
    Does your child love problem-solving math games? Would you like your child to strengthen his or her math concepts and skills while stimulating creative and critical thinking? Math Pentathalon is a program where students in grades K-5 meet weekly after school to practice five games and compete in a tournament in the spring. The cost to participate is $42. Parent volunteers are needed as coaches and judges.
    For more information visit Math Pentathalon.
    Staff Contact: Silva Beard
    BMX Bike Club
    If you are interested in the sport of BMX, watch for events hosted by our BMX Bike Club after school or on the weekend. BMX pros will be making appearances at club meetings and events. One of our Panther families has donated bikes to school to work on and ride.
    Watch for monthly meetings after school, neighborhood events, and weekend skatepark events and races. 
    Staff Contact: Michael.Henri@pfisd.net