PHS Administrators 
PHS Administrators  
From Left to Right: 
Argie Flores - Assistant Principal for 10th Grade
Sara Butler - Assistant Principal for Intervention & Testing
Angela Barnes - Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction
 Kirk Wrinkle- Principal
Laura Brown - Assistant Principal for 12th Grade
Ameka Hunt - Assistant Principal for 11th Grade
Jeremy LeJeune - Assistant Principal for 9th Grade
Kirk Wrinkle Campus Principal 512 594-0511
Jeremy Lejeune Assistant Principal for 9th Grade 512 594-0518
Argie Flores Assistant Principal for 10th Grade 512 594-0514
Ameka Hunt Assistant Principal for 11th Grade 512 594-0517
Laura Brown Assistant Principal for 12th Grade 512 594-0520
Angela Barnes Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction 512 594-0516
Sara Butler Assistant Principal for Intervention & Testing 512 594-0519
Sarah Mullin 9th Grade Counselor (Class of 2018) 512 594-0526
Geminesse  Scott 10th Grade Counselor (Class of 2017) 512 594-0530
Lonnie  Perez 11th Grade Counselor (Class of 2016) 512 594-0529
Julie  Petrus 12th Grade Counselor (Class of 2015) 512 594-0533
Tanesha  Bazemore College and Career Counselor 512 594-0527
Mary Robinson Instructional Support Coordinator 512 594-0516
Marsha Dillard 504/Dyslexia Coordinator 512 594-40583
 PHS Staff
Last Name First Name Title Room Number Extension Email Address Website
Adcock Garrett SOCIAL STUDIES HS D106 4-0789  
Alaniz Reynaldo ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B112-EA 4-0647  
Allen Marcia REGISTRAR HS office 4-0537  
Anderson Emily LSSP F204 4-0602  
Ansley Patricia LANGUAGE ARTS HS E200 4-0669  
Arellano Thomas CAREER/TECH HS E110 4-0722  
Arnold Jennifer SPEECH HS F112 4-0698  
Baker Kyle CAREER/TECH HS P6 4-0588  
Barnes Angela ASST PRINC HS   4-0516  
Bautista Ron ED ASSOC CR REC HS B115/F100 4-0792  
Bazemore Tanesha COUNSELOR TRAN HS   4-0527 Website
Beasley Amber CAREER/TECH HS   4-0593  
Bender Susanna LANGUAGE ARTS HS E211 4-0680  
Bienvenu Lindsey MATH HS C102 4-0660  
Bland Larissa MATH HS C104 4-0658  
Boice Karina ADMIN ASST ATHLETICS FH 4-0546  
Bowie Ana SOCIAL WORKER   4-0539  
Brown Laura ASST PRINC HS   4-0520  
Buckly Stephanie MASTER COACH HS B113-L1 4-0781  
Bullock Nese HS RES/CM/INCL C115 4-0562  
Burns Jill SOCIAL STUDIES HS F214 4-0710  
Burton Charles SCIENCE HS D101 4-0721  
Busby Brooke SOCIAL STUDIES HS   4-0559  
Bush Latonya LANGUAGE ARTS HS E214 4-0683  
Butler Sara AP HS TESTING/INTERV B105 4-0519  
Bynum Julie ADMIN ASST HS   4-0532  
Cafe Phs Cafeteria Manager   4-0545    
Calhoun Zachary MATH HS B118 4-0643 Website
Cannon Carly SOCIAL STUDIES HS E115 4-0726  
Carlisle Ashley SCIENCE HS D202 4-0731  
Casto Cy SCIENCE HS C105 4-0659  
Cohen Rebecca LANGUAGE ARTS HS E208 4-0677 Website
Cook Heike ADMIN ASSOC EX HS   4-0510  
Coston Raquel LOTE HS F113 4-0738  
Covar Krista MATH INTERV HS B113 4-0581  
Coward Jeff SOCIAL STUDIES HS F203 4-0780  
Czerlinsky Sarah SPCH LANG THERAPIST C100 4-0583  
Daniels Sarah CAREER/TECH HS   4-0594  
Delatorre Lauren ATHLETIC TRAINER HS   4-0554  
Deshay Demetra PE/HEALTH HS   4-0555  
Dillard Marsha HS DYSLEXIA C100/B 4-0579  
Dobbs Kyleen SOCIAL STUDIES HS F205 4-0705 Website
Duncan Toby MATH HS A103 4-0640  
Duran Boni AP Sub   4-0517  
Dyess Anne LOTE HS F111 4-0697  
Easley Kandis ED ASSOC RES/BEH HS  
Edwards Bonnie LANGUAGE ARTS HS E204 4-0673  
Fagan Tamika CAREER/TECH HS E106 4-0666  
Faz Wendy LOTE HS F105 4-0692  
Fletcher Earl SCIENCE HS D203 4-0732  
Flores Argie ASST PRINC HS   4-0514  
Freeze Angela PE/HEALTH HS G6 4-0735  
French Cortney MATH HS B114 4-0559  
Fry Jeremy SOCIAL STUDIES HS F202 4-0702  
Galler Scott SOCIAL STUDIES HS F209 4-0708  
Gladman Jessica SCIENCE HS D205 4-0730 Website
Greenwood Billy ED ASSOC VAC SPED F103-EA 4-0590  
Grimm Kevin MATH HS D105 4-0717  
Gripp Steven LANGUAGE ARTS HS E209 4-0678  
Hagdorn Lindie LANGUAGE ARTS HS E207 4-0676  
Hampton Brook LANGUAGE ARTS HS E203 4-0672  
Hanrahan Michael BAND HS Band Hall 4-0564  
Harner Amber ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B111-EA 4-0577  
Hartman Jeffrey LANGUAGE ARTS HS E210 4-0676  
Hendrix Davina CHOIR HS E108 4-0566  
Hense Karen SOCIAL STUDIES HS F206 4-0704  
Hernandez John Football Coach Field House  
Herrmann George ATHLETIC COORD HS   4-0551  
Holmes Billy ART HS Field House 4-0629 Website
Hooten Regina LANGUAGE ARTS HS   4-0670  
Huffman Lisa ART HS F216 4-0712  
Hugghins Erin INTERVENTION HS E212 4-0681  
Hundl April ATHLETIC COORD HS Girls Athletics 4-0552  
Hunt Ameka ASST PRINC HS   4-0517  
Ivy Richard SCIENCE HS C113 4-0653  
Johnson Dustin HS RES/CM/INCL MLAB-EA  
Jones Gregory ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B111-EA 4-0647  
Jordan Kathleen HS ESS ACAD B110 Apr-48  
Jung Francesca ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B111-EA Apr-47  
Kelley Louis PE/HEALTH HS   4-0614  
Kellylieb Thomas SCIENCE HS D204 4-0729  
Kokes Brettany CAREER/TECH HS E105 4-0663  
Krahula Bridget SCIENCE HS TEC 2 4-0606  
Lagerstrom Shari SOCIAL STUDIES HS F207 4-0707  
Lawrence Jamil MATH HS A111 4-0636  
Leibee Bruce EA RR/CM/INCL HS C117-EA 4-0651  
Lejeune Jeremy ASST PRINC HS   4-0518  
Lemman Jacquelin CAREER/TECH HS E100 4-0662  
Lesikar Lori ADMIN ASST FINE ARTS   4-0565  
Levie Travis SOCIAL STUDIES HS Boys Athletics Office 4-0599  
Logerot Mason SOCIAL STUDIES HS F200 4-0700  
Mack Jasmine CAREER/TECH HS E104 4-0664  
Mancha Rebecca ADMIN ASST HS Student Services 4-0534  
Margaretich Jeannie HS RES/CM/INCL F213-EA 4-0651  
Marks Jordan MATH HS C108 4-0656  
Mars Michael ED ASSOC ISS HS B103 4-0622  
Marston Patricia HS RES/CM/INCL F213 4-0709  
Martinez Cathy SPEC STUD REC HS   4-0538  
Martinez Janie ADMIN ASST HS   4-0515  
Martinez Cecillia AR  E217 4-0685  
May Bonnie MASTER COACH HS B113-L2 4-0782  
Mccarthy Lascelles HS RESOURCE/BEHAVIOR C117 4-0651  
Mccullough Mark HS RES/CM/INCL C117 4-0651  
Mcdevitt Carrie MATH HS A107 4-0638 Website
McDonald Dianna PE/HEALTH HS Dance 4-0587  
Mcfaddin Randy CAREER/TECH HS Auto 4-0586  
McKeller Paige HS ESS ACAD B112 4-0647  
Mechem Kirke SCIENCE HS C107 4-0657  
Medina Daisy ADMIN ASST HS Reception 4-0549  
Medina Matt ELL HS ESL OFFICE 4-0623  
Menkedick Ashley SCIENCE HS D104 4-0716  
Millman Ryan SCIENCE HS D102 4-0718  
Mullin Sarah COUNSELOR HS   4-0526
Munoz Nancy LOTE HS F106 4-0689  
Murphy Mike LONG TERM SUB Field House  
Muscato Monica CHOIR HS Choir 4-0567  
Nave Michael SOCIAL STUDIES HS D107 4-0715  
Neal Brenda ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B111-EA  
Neille Stephanie ED ASSOC CR REC HS F100 4-0687  
Nelson Jennifer HS RES/CM/INCL F213 4-0790  
Nyquist Lindsey CAREER/TECH HS P5 4-0580 Website
Overton Justin ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B110-EA  
Owen Laura LIBRARIAN HS LIBRARY 4-0571  
Painter Cheryl THEATRE ARTS HS G8 4-0619  
Parks Dustin THEATRE ARTS HS E116 4-0560  
Paschal Daniel CAREER/TECH HS TEC 1 4-0785
Pennington Mary MATH HS A105 4-0639  
Perez Lonnie COUNSELOR HS   4-0529
Permenter Eric CAREER/TECH HS E111 4-0668  
Perry Jessica LANGUAGE ARTS HS  
Persons Jennifer MATH HS B120 4-0641  
Petrus Julie COUNSELOR LEAD HS   4-0533  
Pierce Sandra EA RR/CM/INCL HS C117-EA  
Pinkett Carole ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B111-EA 4-0577  
Plock August SOCIAL STUDIES HS F203 4-0703  
Quarles Robert SCIENCE HS D100 4-0720  
Radic Nubia LOTE HS F100 4-0696  
Raigosa David SOCIAL STUDIES HS Boys Athletics Office 4-0556  
Ramirez Telma LOTE HS F107 4-0693
Reich Heidi ED ASSOC NONSPEC C103 4-0535
Reichert Jason LOTE HS F112 4-0695  
Richardson Alpha MATH INTERV HS FLOAT 4-0794  
Richardson Stephanie SOCIAL STUDIES HS E113 4-0724  
Riola Chris CAREER/TECH HS TEC 1 4-0584  
Robb David LANGUAGE ARTS HS F217 4-0501
Robinson Daniel CAREER/TECH HS H104 4-0750  
Robinson Mary SPED CAMPUS COORD HS   4-0578  
Rogers Jeffrey PE/HEALTH HS Field House 4-0617  
Ross Dixie MATH HS A109 4-0637  
Rowe Kimberly SCIENCE HS D201 4-0734  
Rozvodovska Christa LANGUAGE ARTS HS E202 4-0671  
Ruff Amber MATH HS A113 4-0635  
Ruiz James LANGUAGE ARTS HS E201 4-0670  
Russell Cindy MATH HS B114 4-0646  
Schobinger Sean CAREER/TECH HS TEC1-L2 4-0786  
Scott Geminesse COUNSELOR HS   4-0530  
Sirna Ryan BAND HS Band Hall 4-0767  
Sisson David LANGUAGE ARTS HS   4-0618  
Smith Dori NURSE HS C103 4-0535  
Smith Robbie CAREER/TECH HS E101 4-0661  
Smith Robin ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS B112-EA  
Smith Jeremy SCIENCE HS C111 4-0655  
Sombathy James SOCIAL STUDIES HS D107 4-0795  
Spheeris Elizabeth HS ESS ACAD B111-EA  
Stevenson Allie MATH HS C106 4-0624  
Stock Benjamin ED ASSOC ESS ACAD HS EA  
Strickland Patricia ED ASSOC RES/BEH HS EA 4-594-  
Summers Gretchen SCIENCE HS D103 4-0719  
Tamez Daniel LANGUAGE ARTS HS E201 4-0783  
Taylor Quintard CAREER/TECH HS TEC3 4-0605  
Terlinde Stephanie SOCIAL STUDIES HS F201 4-0701  
Tinnon Rashard ED ASSOC RES/BEH HS F204-EA  
Tirado Mary LANGUAGE ARTS HS E206 4-0675  
Tobler Wacey LANGUAGE ARTS HS E205 4-0674  
Toporek William CAREER/TECH HS E114 4-0725  
Tucker Bette CAREER/TECH HS E112 4-0723  
Villarreal Bonnie CAREER/TECH HS H100 4-0748  
Waldrop David MATH INTERV HS B116 4-0645  
Waldrop Elizabeth SPEECH HS F101 4-0589  
Wall Ashlyn HS RES/CM/INCL E107 4-0665  
Welch Samantha HS VAC F103 4-0590  
Wernli Lisa LANGUAGE ARTS HS E213 4-0682  
Whitlock Jane SCIENCE HS D200 4-0733  
Willimon Jeannie SCIENCE HS D201 4-0734
Wilson Nancy ACCTING ASST HS Main Office 4-0536  
Wilson OD BAND HS Band Hall 4-0563  
Wimmer Peter ATHLETIC TRAINER HS Field House 4-0553  
Winn Kim AVID TEACHER HS E109 4-0667  
Wrinkle Kirk PRINCIPAL HS   4-0500  
Wuest Nicole ART HS E219 4-0686  
Yantis Pam ADMIN ASST HS EA 4-0547