Pflugerville ISD Bad Weather Policy

In case of Inclement Weather
The district may close schools because of bad weather or emergency conditions. When such conditions exist, the superintendent will make the official decision concerning the closing of the district’s facilities. When it becomes necessary to open late, release students early, or cancel school, district officials will post a notice on the district’s Website and notify the local media for broadcast; parents and students should tune to local radio and television stations to receive this information.

The information will also be placed on the district’s website,, when technology is available. The district will also update its Twitter and Facebook accounts with school closures when technology is available. Additionally, the district will send a recorded phone message to the emergency phone number provided by the parent/guardian to update emergency situation information and instructions. The district does not send out emails or other forms of communication if there are no changes to the regular school day.

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If the district must cancel school for a day, the first (in calendar year order) “bad weather day” designated on the PISD School Year Calendar will become an instructional day. If the district must subsequently cancel school for another day, the second “bad weather day” designated on the calendar will also become an instructional day. If school is canceled for more than two days, the district will either add days at the end of the school year or follow directives from the Texas Education Agency.
PISD Cold Weather Outdoor Recess Policy
Outdoor recess is an integral part of the school day and provides students with a break from structured classroom time. Recess promotes opportunities for physical exercise and social development.

Children are expected to come to school prepared to participate in outdoor recess. When winter weather conditions exist, it is essential that children have the proper clothing to prevent hypothermia. Hypothermia may result if the body’s heat loss is greater than its rate of producing heat. Appropriate outerwear such as a pair of gloves or mittens, a warm coat, and hat is essential for healthy and safe outdoor play.

The outside temperature including wind chill helps to determine cold weather safety. When the outside temperature including wind chill is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, recess will be held indoors.