Nurse's Office

    Jill Binford MSN, RN
    Phone: 594-5635
    Fax: 594-5605
    Hours: 6:45-3:00
    Jill Binford MSN, RN


    Healthy Schools will be at WPS to administer flu vaccines to all who children who have parental consent.  The date is October 6th at 8:30.  Please return your consent forms with a yes/no indicated on the form. 
    Vision and hearing will begin soon.  If your child does not pass the vision test your child will be receiving a referral to see an optometrist.  Please call me if you have questions.  
    • Breakfast is always free at WPS.  If your child is late be sure to ask for a bag breakfast.  Children that eat breakfast perform better in the classroom because their brain has the fuel it needs to function properly.


    Please join us on the track each Wednesday (weather permitting) for Walking Wednesday.  Students will walk the track from 7:10-7:30 in the morning before school.  It's a fun and exciting way to start the day.  We welcome staff and parents to join us.
    Celebrating your child's birthday?  Consider sending mini cupcakes instead of full size cupcakes.  Many of the children just lick the icing off the cupcakes.  At this age, full size treats are not necessary.  
    • Please only send store bought treats.  Food allergens can not be monitored in homemade treats. Some teachers do not allow food parties in their classroom.  Check with the office before sending treats.  Thank you for your consideration.