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STAAR Scores

We do not receive student report cards (paper copy of results), but some the scores have been released by TEA.  The best way to get your STAAR information is use the Test Portal through your FOCUS account or directly through the TEA website.


Using the FOCUS Portal:  

  1. Log into FOCUS and select the student for whom you want to review test results.
  2. Click on "My Child" along the top bar, and select "Child Info" from the drop down list.
  3. Along the left side, there are a list of options to view.  Select "Texas Assessment Data Portal" at the bottom.
  4. Copy or write down the unique access code, you will need this in step 6.
  5. Click on "Texas Assessment Data Portal".  This takes you to a new website.
  6. Enter the unique access code you copied in step 4.  Then enter your student's birthday and select "go".
  7. You will then see their entire testing history with STAAR.  You can click on any test name to see their score, a comparison of their score and to their peers in the school/campus/State, and you can review their answers (see test details).


You can also directly access records through TEA*:

  1. Go to the link above,
  2. Enter your student's access code (found on any previous STAAR report along the bottom of the page, or in your student's FOCUS account, see above),
  3. Enter your student's birthdate.
  4. Click GO


As of June 9, the following STAAR scores have been released: Math 8, Reading 8, Algebra EOC.  Results for Math 6, Reading 6, Math 7, Reading 7, Writing 7, Science 8, Social Studies 8, and retesting should be released to the school the week of June 11th and available online to parents soon thereafter.   


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