Parent engagement opportunities help schools, families work together

Pflugerville ISD and the 21st Century Afterschool Program are offering Parent Engagement Opportunities at several elementary campuses this spring.

The sessions, created by Practical Parent Education and presented by PISD staff, help the district to connect with its families and are aimed at giving parents the skills and the motivation to be actively engaged in their child’s academic success. Research has shown that when schools and families work together, it has a positive effect on a child’s academic achievement.

Parenting sessions begin at 5:30 p.m. and last approximately one hour. Childcare and language translation will be available for attendees. All PISD parents are encouraged to view the schedule to see if any of the sessions will meet the needs of their families.

“We hope to have many parents join us as we learn, grow and make a difference in our children’s lives,” Debby Krueger, Title 1 Parent Liaison for PISD, said.

Scheduled Sessions:
  • Feb. 7 - Parmer Lane Elementary, Developing Teamwork for a Child’s Educational Experience
  • Feb. 13 - River Oaks Elementary, Resolving Homework Issues
  • Feb. 26 - Wieland Elementary, Giving Children Responsibility for Themselves
  • Feb. 28 - Copperfield Elementary, Encouraging Children’s Growth in Social Skills
  • March 7 - Parmer Lane Elementary, Resolving Homework Issues
  • March 20 - River Oaks Elementary, Helping Children Learn to Make Healthy Choices
  • March 26 - Wieland Elementary, Choosing Effective Discipline Techniques
  • March 28 - Copperfield Elementary, Giving Children Responsibility for Themselves
  • April 4 - Parmer Lane Elementary, Encouraging Motivation in Children
Workshop Summaries:
  • Developing Teamwork for a Child’s Educational Experience – Research repeatedly confirms the link between parent involvement and schools as a positive indicator of increased student achievement. Families and schools working together works. Join us as we discuss the powerful role parents play in their child’s education. Specific skills and strategies for parents to use at school and home will be discussed.
  • Encouraging Children’s Growth in Social Skills – Working with others and making friends is one of a child’s first independent tasks. Developing good social skills and making friends is part of a child’s healthy development. Social skills are learned and we can help our children develop them effectively.
  • Giving Children Responsibility for Themselves – Our hope and goal for our children is that they grow up to be responsible adults. Join us as we look at the stages of responsibility and guidelines for encouraging responsibility in children.
  • Resolving Homework Issues – Homework is a bad word to some children, but it is part of a successful educational experience. We will look at the long-term benefits of homework, as well as creating a positive home environment for learning. Developing positive attitudes towards homework and gaining insight for the reluctant learner will help make homework time more effective.
  • Encouraging Motivation in Children – All infants are born with motivation. So what happens when children don’t try anymore? Join us to look at ways we can develop skills to encourage motivation in our children.
  • Helping Children Learn to Make Healthy Choices – Life is a series of decisions. Helping children learn to make good choices can drastically impact their lives. As we work together we will develop skills to encourage our children to make responsible decisions.
  • Choosing Effective Discipline Techniques – SOS … My kids won’t mind me. Have you ever felt this way? As we talk about setting boundaries for children, we will look at the needs of children and the natural testing of limits. We will learn effective strategies to help our children grow, behave, and listen to us.