• Westview Middle School

    School/Student/Parent Compact 2018-2019



    Both Westview Middle School, represented by the teacher and parent/guardian of                                                                realize that the responsibility for this student to meet the State of Texas’ high performance standards belongs to the school, the student, and the parents. The school, student, and student’s parent/guardian realize the importance of a shared commitment necessary to achieve this goal. To this end, all agree to do the following to support this student’s education.


                                                 THE SCHOOL SHALL                                        

    • Provide high-quality curriculum (what the student is taught)
    • Facilitate high-quality instruction (how the student is taught)
    • Ensure a safe, supportive, and effective learning environment
    • Provide opportunities for the parent to participate in school activities
    • Provide opportunities for parents to visit the student's classroom(s)
    • Offer training and resources on how to access and navigate Parent Portal
    • Update Focus Parent Portal/Gradebook weekly
    • Assist parents in understanding social media platforms used for communication
    • Establish a welcoming and engaging environment for all students, parents, and guests of the campus
    • Openly communicate with parents to share concerns and celebrate successes.
    • Have high expectations for all students both academically and socially.



    • Communicate with parents and teachers regarding their progress in class
    • Read on a daily basis
    • Participate in as many extra-curricular activities as possible (including UIL events, Student Council, Clubs, etc.)
    • Model the PBIS Expectations: Be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe
    • Not bully, harass, or tease nor accept those types of behaviors from others by reporting all incidents experienced and/or witnessed
    • Be Responsible for my personal behavior. Respect the rights of others and school property.
    • Let my teachers and family know if I need help.




    • Adequately prepare student by forming healthy habits and daily routines
    • Ensure the student attends daily and arrives to school on time
    • Ensure that homework is completed by the student
    • Supervise and limit television watching and use of social media
    • Participate in decisions relating to theeducation of the student, such as school committees, school board elections, surveys, or other meetings
    • Attend parent-teacher conferences as needed throughout the school year
    • Encourage and model daily reading at home
    • Frequently check Parent Portal to monitor student progress
    • Volunteer your skills at Westview Middle
    • School to improve student experience
    • Support educators by collaboratively celebrating student successes and reinforcing teacher expectations
    • When I have a concern, I will communicate with my student's teacher(s)


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