• Westview Middle School
    Parental Involvement Policy 2018-2019


    Westview MS is dedicated to ensuring all students grow academically, socially, and emotionally in a caring and safe environment to become successful, contributing global citizens, through collaboration with families and the community.

    Westview P.R.I.D.E.
                P – Personal growth through a dedication to continuous lifelong learning
                R – Respecting ourselves, our school, our community
                I – Inspired to chase tomorrow’s dreams by being our best today
                D – Develop opportunities to lead
                E – Encourage and nurture diversity and individuality

    As stated in our Mission and Shared Vision, Westview Middle School is committed to providing a quality education to all of our students.  A vital part of this education is developing effective partnerships between home, school, and the community.  Parents are an integral part of their child’s education as their first teachers.  Westview Middle School wants to ensure that parents continue their participation in their child’s education once they have entered our schools, by ensuring the following activities occur, consistent with our Mission and Shared Vision as well as statutory requirements:

    • We hold an annual Title 1 school wide meeting during the first semester to explain the requirements of the campus’ Title 1 program.
    • We will hold parent-teacher conferences and meetings at different times to accommodate parent schedules.
    • We will ensure that all students at-risk of not performing satisfactorily receive enriched instruction and appropriate academic interventions.
    • We will ensure communications are sent home regularly, in a language that parents understand, using a variety of media including phone calls, email, Focus, campus websites, social media, and publications through Listserv, that are most appropriate to the message being communicated.
    • We will develop a school/student/parent compact with the participation of campus parents and disseminate the compact to all parents. The compact will state how parents, campus staff, and students share the responsibility for student academic improvement.
    • We will involve parents in the joint development of the Campus Improvement Plan.
    • We will involve parents in the development/revision/modification of a Parent Involvement Policy and ensure the policy is disseminated to all parents.
    • We will identify a campus parent involvement liaison.
    • We will provide an opportunity for parents to give feedback to the campus through a parent survey.
    • We will provide parent participation and volunteer opportunities.
    • We will provide a welcoming and friendly environment and ensure each parent is treated with respect when they visit school.