• Sending Email to a District Employee

    Please use the following formula to determine the email address of any PfISD teacher or administrator: Firstname.Lastname@pfisd.net

    You may also search for any PfISD employee here to get her/his email address.

    PfISD Webmaster: webmaster@pfisd.net

    Note: Email sent to the webmaster will be routed to someone in the appropriate department who can answer your questions or handle your requests.

    Accessing Your District Email from Home

    Every district employee can check their District email from any computer that is attached to the Internet. This means that you can access your District email account from home if you have Internet access. The web based email client looks different than what you use at work, and not all functionality is included (ie: no spellcheck, etc.) but it will allow you to send and receive email.

    Link to employee email